Friday, May 31, 2019

It's Time to Say Goodbye for the Summer

It's Time to Say Goodbye for the Summer

End of the year activities signal the coming of Summer!

The Eighth Grade End of the Year Dance was like no other
Parents collaborated to convert the MPR into Center City Philly.

The view from the HCA Lobby!

The Marquis Stood Strong

The LOVE Class

Can't get much more Philly than Rocky...

...Oh yes you can!

HCA Families get together to say, "Good-bye"

Each student left with a beach ball signed by everyone.

Since eighth graders were in NYC fourth and 
fifth graders took over as leaders.


Some leaders really stepped up! 
Extremely proud of you, Daniel!

You try blowing up a half dozen beach balls.

One big family.

Friday's band demonstration was a great success. 
With over 50% of our band members graduating,
Mr. Michael Norton gave lower school band
candidates a rousing introduction to what band 
is all about. Third and fourth graders Sanjay, Caroline,
Gabby, and Patrick took a lead role in the presentation.

While the veterans took note. 

Mr. Norton handed out informational packets that 
will were brought home from school on Friday.

Friday marked the final day for our eighth graders.We won't 
see them again until graduation. Friday afternoon the entire school 
gave our dedicated eighth graders a grand send-off. Everybody 
in the Lower and Middle School gathered to "Clap" them through the 
lobby and out of the building for their last day at HCA. 

I for one, could not hold back the tears.

The Class of 2019 will be missed by their legacy will last forever. 

On to new and exciting adventures. 

Now there's only one thing left to do...

Drink Frobscottle and Whizpop!

Good bye for the Summer!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Sharks and Lifeguards?

Early Childhood teachers and students put an exclamation 
point on our visit to see the newly hatched chicks last week.
The E.C. invited all of the Lower School students to their Monday 
dress rehearsal for Tuesday's Early Childhood Celebration. 

They Signed "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

We watched and were blown away. 

They were so cute...and so good.


...we all joined hands...

And danced!

Then came the rainy weather... 

...and indoor recess.

While on duty, I managed to catch a few candid photos...

... of our HCA kids having fun!

Little cuddlies to Monopoly for Juniors, we had a blast.







Everyone smiling.

Oh yes, Sharks and Lifeguards? What a great game. 
So much fun and wonderful exercise.

So how is it played? A "shark" enters the parachute ocean
and begins to look for innocent beach-goers with their 
feet in the "water." As sharks will, they grab the waders by
the feet and try to drag them in waving and screaming for the
lifeguard to save them. Here Gabby, the "lifeguard," awaits 
the inevitable.

Whew...that was close!

Friday, May 10, 2019

This Week in Pictures

Last Sunday's rains pushed off the coast and by
2:00 Monday the planting beds of the HCA Organic
Children's Garden were in great shape for planting.

Under the tutelage of Jean Ennen and Chantell
Reagan, fourth graders transplanted the seedlings
that they planted in class and direct-sowed new crops
including lettuce, carrots, peppers, herbs and flowers.

An able-bodied crew excavated a trench to
accommodate the irrigation line that will
hydrate the salsa garden throughout the 
hot summer months. 

Once in place they were up to the task of 
covering up the trench, leaving only the 
slightest of scars.

Yes, Spring is for planting but it also appears
it's also time for hatching. A dozen newborn
chicks emerged from incubation and began 
entertaining the entire parade of HCA visitors.

Congratulations go out to our HCA
Young Authors: Charlotte, Joslyn, and Victoria
(not pictured as she opted to forego the  regional
award ceremony and stayed for the annual Capstone
Presentations) for being selected and published in this
year's Delaware County Young Authors competition.
Fiona Ennen's class entry was also submitted.

Next up was the Eighth-graders' Capstone Project 
presentations. Kindergartners joined the Lower 
School students as collectively we were educated
on the dire effects Global Warming is having on the 
future of our planet.

On Friday, attendance was down in the classroom
as most of our choir and members of the band boarded
Coach Buses for Harrisburg. Those that remained spent
a few minutes generating the most unusual vocabulary
study guide ever created. Try using context clues to 
explain the BFG's unusual word choices!

Several third graders joined our classroom during math class.
Everyone improved number manipulation skills as they vied
to be crowned "24 Champion,"

Friday also gave our young electrical engineers the 
opportunity to explore simple circuits.

Challenge 1: Illuminate a flashlight bulb using a D battery
and two (2) insulated wires.

Challenge 2: Illuminate a flashlight bulb using a D battery
and one (1!) insulated wire.

Every set of partners were successful in meeting both
challenges and were able to document schematic diagrams
of what worked and what didn't complete a circuit. 

Nice work Daniel (above).

Way to go, Sammy!

Time to go...I've got to wash the chalkboards!
Happy Mother's Day.
Have a Great Weekend.